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From Public Apology to Calling for Public Confidence, Is this a Political Crisis or a PAP Reformation in the making?

First, PM Lee Hsien Loong made a public apology to Singaporeans - the first in Singapore history.  And then, DPM Tharman called for public confidence - another first in Singapore history. It makes Oxley House disputes or allegations clearly not a family matter.       
In Singapore, the government led by the Prime Minister has enjoyed high prestige and reputation. This is why in defamation cases, the prime minister can enjoy higher damage payment.  And we usually see people saying sorry to the prime minister and hardly we see our prime minister or ministers saying sorry to Singaporeans. (except election time).
The government never says sorry because they have high confidence. In the past 60 years, with Internal Security Act, the PAP government has shown great confidence in public administration. It is strange to call for public confidence if this is only a family affair.  Throughout the years, even in the passing year of Lee Kuan Yew, the government never has such a calling.
Because Oxle…

一种价值,两种诠释。 人民行动党走向分裂,还是内化?每个新加坡人都应该关心不同诠释下的不同国运结果。

天篇:谁的境界高? 天一:宗教改革 天二:领悟有无 天三:李显龙只看到眼前的实体
地篇:分裂vs内部改革? 地一:巫统党争 地二:     蛛丝马迹 - 行动党内部纷争 地三:李显扬只认内部反对 人篇: 新加坡何去何从?


Beyond Oxley Road, the moral of the story is FEAR, and perhaps Enlightenment to learn another route.

The Oxley Road House saga is not a simple family affair.  It touches on the future of Singapore beyond the Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy - our future direction, with or without fear as a mean of administration. It is time we learn and enlighten ourselves from this unfortunate development.    What has happened to Lee Kuan Yew’s values?# A joint statement issued by Dr Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang reminds us to think over and again how we progress in the past 50/60 years as well as the mistakes we made at the same time.
For ordinary citizens, especially, critics and opposition members, fear is a common challenge in the past and in the present. We need to revalue LKY’s legacy to see how to remove the fear factor, with or without Lee Hsien Loong in the future.
PM Lee Hsien Loong claims the statement contains untrue allegations. However, in some countries, these allegations will lead to Parliament investigations or Congressional enquiry. Here are some examples:
Source: internet

Some of the allegati…